Sports and outdoor activities in Herault and Gard in Languedoc

Canyoning, via-ferrata, climbing near Montpellier

Hello and welcome to Entre2nature. We’re passioned and experienced guide regrouped in an association. All our guides detained a French state apporved diploma guaranting you a perfect safe environnment to discover the backcountrie’s Montpellier through numerous activities as canyoning,  Via-Ferrata and climbing.

A unique experience of sport outdoor

Our professionals team, specialised in the sport outdoor, will share their abilities and knowledge to discover in an unique manner the Montpellier area. It’ll be performed with professionalism and the respect of the environnement.

You’ll discover a range of unique landscapes and human patrimonies which make the charm of these territory. Our playfield covers the Aigoual’s montain, in the Cevenne’s natural park and the Gard to Caroux’s mountains. The Gorges of Herault, the Pic Saint-Loup are also included.

The south of france‘s climat benefits for a lenient mediterranean climat allowing us to practice these sports from spring to fall during the sweetness October.

Between friends or in family, beginners or specialist, our courses are studied to feet for everybody to have the maximum of experience and joy.

Between sea and mountains, Montpellier is base of entre2nature’s monitors

We have a idealised position for the practice of sports outdoors. The discovery of our beautifull countryside of the Cevennes and Haut-Languedoc national parks could be done with particular and rare activities as canyons or climbings.

This two rich and wild territories have many sites for outings you’ll remember.

In the national park of Cevennes …

Located in the highest land, veritable balconny of the mediterranean’s sea, the national park of cevennes is composed by a crest lign though the Aigoual Mountain (1567 m) to Lozère mountain (1702). his south side give birth to numerous water courses, waterfalls and rivers.

It’s one of the last site where the thranshumance is still used following stony pathways that were totally reserved for sheeps or cows.

It’ll represent a real escape by mixing the discovery of atypical landscapes and the feeling of amazing sensations.


… and the national park of Caroux

Composed by rural and mountain territories and also recognised by his exceptionnal patrimonial and landscape values, the natural park of Haut-Languedoc composed the frontier between the two midis: the Toulousain’s one and the Languedocian’s one.

It’s in the last one, composed with the Espinouse mountain (1124) and caroux mountain (1091m), where we’ll guide you for an high mountain’s experience.

You’ll also discover the gorges of Héric and Colombières which offer a painting with astonishing contrasts in the heart of Hérault.

Our outdoors activities

Canyoning près de Montpellier dans l'Hérault pour un bel EVG

Canyoning is a mix of fun and varied activities: Jumps, Slides, Abseiling and other de-escalation ; you will progress…

Escalade accompagné de nos moniteurs de pleine nature en languedoc: Héraut et Gard. Sports de pleine nature en Cévennes et Caroux. près de Montpellier.


Between heaven and earth, climbing is a discipline that will allow you to discover the universe of verticality and balance…

Via ferrata près de Montpellier dans l'Hérault et le Gard en Languedoc-Roussillon. Activités de pleine nature avec les moniteurs d' entre 2 nature. Tyrolienne et rappels extrêmes.

Trail on the cliffs, the via ferrata is a mix between air hiking and easy climbing. Secure on a metal cable…

randonnée-rappel près de Montpellier dans l'Héraut en Occitanie


Combining hiking, climbing and abseiling , these outputs enable you to discover an unusual and original route . You’ll discover…

The best outdoors activities of the moment

Canyoning dans les gorges de l'Hérault, près de Montpellier et Saint-Guilhem le Désert

Canyoning near Montpellier in the Devil’s bridge canyon:

Nestled in the Hérault gorges, this aquatic canyon is located near Saint-Guilhem le Désert and Pont du Diable. Allow half an hour from Montpellier. Perfect for heterogeneous groups, this canyon offers many jumps, zip lines and abseiling. All workshops are bypassable, allowing everyone to progress at their level. A great discovery of the Hérault gorges.

Via-ferrata du Thaurac entre Montpellier et Ganges dans l'Hérault tout près des Cévennes

Via ferrata of Thaurac, near Montpellier:

Located near Montpellier and the Grotte des Demoiselles, in Saint-Bauzille de Putois, this via-ferrata is one of the most atypical and varied in the department of Hérault. Between the Cévennes and Montpellier, you will take the height, with breathtaking landscapes above the gorges of the Hérault. To do with family or friends, the composition of this via-ferrata can bypass all obstacles, if a difficulty is felt for one of the participants. A great adventure where everyone will find his account.

Canyon du Tapoul en Cévennes avec sa tyrolienne splash. A deux pas du gard et de l'Hérault.

Canyoning in Tapoul in Cévennes:

The Cévennes National Park is full of diverse and varied canyons. One of these is the canyon of Tapoul. A wild and atypical route for an aquatic discovery of the flora and fauna. This one is one of the best course we propose. Our favorite!


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The feet in water

Head in the clouds

Canyon, via ferrata et escalade dans l' hérault et le gard, près de montpellier avec les moniteurs d'entre2nature. Cévennes et Caroux.

Whether you decide to have your feet in the water, or head in the clouds, we will be there to accompany you in your outdoor activity. Be sure to get your fill of natural sensations .

To learn more about your futur sport outing, you can contact us by email or telephone. We will be happy to answer your expectations.

The adventure is just a click away…

Escalade, canyoning et via ferratta dans l' hérault et le gard dans le languedoc. Cévennes et Caroux autour de Montpellier avec les moniteurs d'entre2nature